Form Builder

Generate leads & grow your audience‚Äč

A quick and easy form builder for capturing contacts and collecting data.

Online Form Builder For Generating Leads


Building online forms has never been easier

Take advantage of features that allow you to build online forms quickly and make the most of the contact data you collect.

Grow your contact lists

Connect forms to your contact list in the app to add contacts to groups, update custom fields, and track survey responses.

Accurate address collection

Reduce friction in your forms by allowing respondents to enter their Zip or Postcode and select their address from a list.

One-click templates

Collect all the data you need with our fully customizable contact form, or take advantage of individual email, number, and website fields.

Ensure your compliant

Group contacts based on the types of campaigns they’ve have asked to receive and track the lawful basis for processing their data.

When adding linking forms to explicit consent group, a consent question is added to your form. This records consent to the contact’s profile.

Personalize forms

Use merge tags to pass contact information stored in custom fields into surveys, quizzes, and forms to personalize their experience.

Optimize your forms, capture more data

Beautiful designs for brand consistency

Fully customize the design of your forms. Get started with a set of robust themes, select a color scheme, add logos, insert images, and much more. No coding required.

Track forms to measure success

Enable tracking for forms shared by email (such as RSVPs or event feedback) to view who has responded and increase submissions by sending reminders.

Mobile optimized forms to reduce friction

Our online forms are fully responsive, so they’ll work perfectly on mobiles, tablets and desktops. Meaning you can collect contact data anytime, anywhere.

An integrated CRM, to build relationships

Collect contacts passively with forms and add them to groups with the correct lawful basis for processing their data. Collect consent along with form data and record it to contact profiles.

A single point of knowledge for your contacts

Connect form fields and questions to contact profiles to build a repository of data about them. Whether it’s demographic information, Net Promoter Scores, or job role, it’s completely in your hands.

Validate answers, for accurate data

Enable validation for email, website, and phone number form fields to ensure you’re always collecting the data you need to grow.

Ready to start growing your contact list?

Our integrated CRM is available with all plans. Unlimited contact storage, no extra fees, no hidden cost.

Simplify administration and reporting

Stop missing form submissions. No more calls to IT support!

Receive notifications via email or Slack or email every time a new form response is submitted. Perfect for busy teams and small businesses.

Transform data into action

Create multiple views of your data with advanced filter & comparison tools and segment contacts based on survey and email data to help inform decision-making.

Sharable reports and dashboards to keep stakeholders updated

Export your form data as a spreadsheet or PDF or share access to live digital dashboard directly with stakeholders with a URL link or QR code.

Online form builder

Branding & teams

  • Collaborate as a team
  • Remove Shout branding
  • Custom form domain
  • Customizable designs


  • Conditional logic
  • Answer piping
  • Redirect on submission
  • Email & phone validation

Managing contacts

  • Update contact information
  • Pipe data into custom fields
  • View contact profiles
  • Track form responses


  • NCSC C.E. compliance
  • UK based
  • Pseudonymize data
  • Record explicit consent