Quiz Builder

Interactive quizzes with automated scoring

An intuitive quiz builder for assessing employees, engaging customers and generating leads.

Online Quiz Builder With Automated Scoring


Assess, engage, train, and test with online quizzes

Unleash your full potential with our flexible quiz maker, designed to enhance learning, increase employee retention, and create unforgettable interactions with your audience.

Capture qualified leads

Grow your audience with interactive lead quizzes and stunning email capture pages.

Improve compliance standards

Safeguard your business and put employees to the test with engaging compliance quizzes.

Conduct training assessments

Onboard new hires to spot gaps in their knowledge and encourage development.

Test your classroom

Build exams that keep students engaged, show scores and write personalized feedback.

Recruit the best candidates

Find your dream team that tick all the boxes with candidate assessment quizzes

Engage on social media

Stand out from your competition with fun quizzes that leave your followers wanting more.

Quiz design has never been easier

Craft beautiful designs

Customize theme colors, switch fonts, insert image and embed videos into your quiz to catch the eye and keep attention where it’s needed.

Increase exposure with branded quizzes

Make sure your brand is at the heart of your quiz by adding logos, matching designs to your website, removing Shout branding and using custom domains.

Mobile quizzes that work on any device

Create a quiz that’s responsive on any device, meaning quiz takers can respond on mobiles, tablets and desktops.



QR Code

Website embed


Getting answers to your quiz questions

Share your quiz in a way that suits you, whether it’s part of an email campaign or a permanent addition to your website.

Spice up your landing pages

Embed quizzes on your landing pages to capture qualified leads, engage your visitors, and increase conversions.

Engage your email subscribers

Share quizzes via email invitation, measure the success of campaigns with industry-standard metrics, and segment your contact lists based on quiz results.

Track quiz responses

Send quizzes directly to contacts you’ve stored in the app to track responses, send reminders, and receive scores by email.

Automate scoring and quiz feedback

Scores are calculated automatically

Assign points to your quiz answers and we’ll calculate quiz scores for you. No fuss just results.

Show scores upon completion

Choose whether to show correct answer choices upon completion or hide them for internal review before sharing results.

Grade and give personalized feedback

Choose whether to show correct answer choices upon completion or hide them for internal review before sharing results.

Privacy-First Assessment Tools

A privacy-first quiz builder

We’ve worked hard to ensure our online quiz maker and all other products are fully compliant. Our primary servers are located in UK and are ISO2001 certified.

Advanced reporting at every level

Switch between holistic and individual responses

All responses are compiled as quiz averages and intuitive charts & graphs for each question.

Dig deeper into your quiz data

Apply filters to segment and compare your results to identify trends and patterns in your data and learn more about your audience.

Share results with the stakeholders

Export your quiz results as a spreadsheet or PDF or share access to digital reports with a URL link.

A tried and tested

Online quiz builder

Branding & teams

  • Team user access
  • Remove Shout branding
  • Custom quiz domain
  • Full design customization

Lead capture

  • A/B testing
  • Email quizzes & metrics
  • Website embed
  • Capture forms

Managing contacts

  • One-click form template
  • Group and segment contacts
  • View contact profiles
  • Track quiz responses


  • NCSC certified
  • UK based servers
  • Pseudonymize data
  • Record explicit consent