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Gain insights to improve customer experience and optimize your marketing strategies.

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Capture leads with forms, record consent, group contacts based any criteria, and track the legal basis for processing their data.

Use crosstabs and flexible filters to identify patterns and trends in your market research and create multiple reports for custom views of data.

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Find survey respondents all over the world to power your research and help you make data-driven decisions.

Full brand control

Add logos, customize designs, use a custom domain and white label surveys and emails to remove all Shout branding.

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Send respondents to relevant questions with logic to decrease dropouts and personalize survey content with merge tags and text piping.

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Share your market research surveys via custom email invitations, directly to social media, embed on your website, and more!

Get the answers you need, to scale your business

Split test concepts

Perform A/B tests with sections of text, images, and videos in your market research survey to determine what performs best with respondents.

Measure customer loyalty with NPS

Identify your promoters, passives, and detractors with a single question, and we’ll calculate your Net Promoter Score for you.

Collect social proof

Use tailor made question types to ask your happiest customers for reviews and testimonials of your products and services.

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Power your market research with multi-channel distribution and flexible reporting tools. Our intuitive software is loved by millions of users, all over the world.


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Ron Elius

B2B Copywriter – Freelance

“Interactive and really easy to use Software. The builder is seamless, and the question types are perfect. I love the way I can structure surveys in quick and easy way.”

Oana Frant

Consultant – the World Bank

“Shout offers multiple options for customization. Moreover, our projects look perfect on any device. If you want a platform that does most of the work for you, including automatic reporting, go with Shout.”

Keep track of your data and monitor performance

Take control of your market research data

Get a birds-eye view of your data, drill down into individual responses, and identify patterns and trends with advanced filters and crosstabulation tools.

Track responses and send reminders

See who’s responded to your survey and send reminders to contacts who’re yet to do so to ensure you get the data you need to power market research.

Monitor email engagement rates

Share your market research survey by email invitation and track the performance of campaigns alongside your survey responses.

Market research, the compliant way

Shout is a cookieless survey tool, and all responses are anonymous by default. Meaning, we process as little data as possible to ensure you’re compliant.

Store contacts based on lawful basis for processing their data

Assign a lawful basis like Consent or Legitimate Interests to groups to make capturing leads and managing contacts as compliant as possible.

Data access controls, for team collaboration

Surveys are private by default, meaning no one has access to data they don’t need. But you can share with relevant team members at any time.

Preserve anonymity, even when you’re tracking responses

Enable pseudonymization to store PII separately to survey responses, whilst still being able to track responses and grow your contact lists.

Conduct market research with Shout

Create market research surveys with an app that enables collaboration, supports compliance, and encourages customization.

Market Research FAQs

Everything you need to know about market research surveys and how to collect data that improves business strategies and increases revenue.

What is market research?

Market research is a process of acquiring information about consumer preferences, market trends, and buying patterns. It helps businesses understand what consumers want, how they want it, and how much they are willing to pay for it. It can help businesses develop new products and services, improve their marketing efforts, and determine the best way to price their products.

By understanding the market in which a business operates, market researchers can help companies make informed decisions about how to compete and grow.

Why is market research important?

Whatever your target market is, trends and customer preferences are always changing. Even if you’ve gotten lucky with blind campaigns in the past, you can’t be sure they will in the long run.

Market research enables organizations to make business decisions without guesswork. Whether you’re developing a new product or creating a targeted ad campaign, this research provides actionable insights on how to ensure each project is as successful as the last.

Below, we’ve explored some of the ways you can use market research surveys to broaden your understanding of the marketplace, your customers and potential customers.

How can market research help my business?

Below, we’ve explored some of the ways you can use market research surveys to broaden your understanding of the marketplace, your customers and potential customers.

  • Understand your target market.
  • Measure brand awareness and explore your brand identity.
  • Product concept tests.
  • Collect product and website feedback.
  • Perform competitor research.
  • Learn more about your existing customers.
  • Identify frictions and pain-points.

What’s the difference between primary and secondary market research?

Primary market research involves collecting data straight from the subjects you’re studying (i.e., first-party data). Market research surveys would fit into this category, as you’re sending your surveys directly to audiences to collect data.

Secondary market research used data from pre-existing sources to inform your strategy, e.g., published research studies.

6 Tips for Market Research Surveys

1. Set an objective for your research

The first thing you need to decide is what you want to achieve with the market survey. Consider what problem you’re trying to solve or what element of your business you’re trying to improve.

2. Narrow your scope

You don’t want to be over-ambitious with the scope of your research. For example, if you’re setting out to measure your brand awareness, avoid asking questions about new product or services.

3. Only ask relevant questions

This is a good rule for any survey. We understand the impulse to collect as much data as possible while you’ve got a respondent’s attention. But asking too much will lead to a low completion rate.

4. Write questions for a target audience

You should have an ideal audience in mind to collect the right data and to inform a specific strategy. Write your questions with this audience in mind to optimize data collection and build better relationships.

5. Set a schedule for market research

You’ll need to know when you’re sending your survey out, how many times you’ll send it and when you hope to collect all your data by. The best time to send a survey is between 9-10 am or 2-3 pm.

6. Run a pilot survey

Running a test survey with a smaller sample size or focus group to identify questions that need to be tweaked to collect higher quality survey data. You can also determine if you’ve targeted the right audience.