Collaborate, share features, and grow together with shout teams

Share the features of your plan with colleagues, collaborate on surveys, and get results faster.

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Streamline team projects​

Reduce the workload of individuals and speed up project run times by collaborating with your team on creation, analysis and contact management.


Create surveys, analyze results and compile professional reports.


Craft eye-catching quizzes to test, assess, evaluate, and engage your audiences.


Build online forms to grow your email lists and collect information about your audience.

Protecting your organizations’ data​

Ensure that project data is only accessed by relevant team members and remain compliant with the GDPR, UK-GDPR, and CCPA.

Sign a DPA

Review our processes for protecting the data we process on your behalf.

Private dashboards

All team users’ projects and reports are set to private by default.

Manage your team

Admins can change team details and delete accounts when colleagues leave.

Consolidate data control

Organization admins will assume control of all data collected by team users.

Separate personal data

Separate PII from your survey responses to maintain anonymity.

Track lawful processing

Group contacts based on the lawful basis for processing their data and record consent.

Give your team the advantage

Share the features of your plan

Inviting colleagues to join your Shout team enables them to use all the features of your plan.

Collaborate on all projects​

Share your projects with other users and collaborate on surveys, quizzes, forms, email invitations, and reports as a team.

Purge account data

If an employee leaves your company, you don’t want any uncertainty about the data in their account. Admins can purge any user in their team, ensuring you’re always compliant.

Teams FAQs

What’s the difference between admin users and team users?

Admin users are the primary user for your Shout team, they’re responsible for:

• Managing subscriptions and billing
• Taking ownership of data collected by team users
• Inviting and managing team user accounts

Depending on the plan you’re subscribed to, Admin’s will be able to access team user accounts from their own accounts in the app.

Team users are those invited by admins to join their Shout team. All features of the admin’s plan are accessible to team users from the word go.

Projects (surveys, quizzes, and forms) can be shared between all your team members to collaborate on building and analysis.

Will my team members be able to see my surveys?

By default, all user accounts are private. So, no one will be able to see your surveys or data until they are shared via the collaboration features.

Access can be revoked to projects at any time.

How many team users can I have?

The number of team users you’ll be able to invite to your Shout team is dependent on the plan you subscribe to:

The Research plan is intended for individuals, so doesn’t come with any team users as standard.

The Marketing plan comes with 3 users (1 admin and 2 team users).

The Compliance plan comes with 5 users (1 admin and 4 team users) or 10 users (1 admin and 9 team users).

The Enterprise plan can be configured for 10 users or more, get in touch for a custom quote.

Are team users limited in any way?

Not at all!

Team users aren’t treated any differently in the app. You’ll have access to all the features and tools available to your admin and will be able to create as many projects as your heart desires.