KwikSurveys is now Shout

In 2023 we rebranded KwikSurveys as, privacy-focused software for creating surveys, collecting data, and growing your audience.

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What’s happened to my KwikSurveys account?

If you had KwikSurveys account, we’ve seamlessly changed this into a Shout account. You’ll be able to log in with the same details and continue creating surveys, quizzes, and forms with Shout.

All of your data has been kept safe and the same privacy and security policies apply to current and future projects.

Log in with the same username and password
All projects, data, and contacts are safe
All URLs have been redirected to Shout

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Why has KwikSurveys changed to Shout?

We’ve spent more than 20 years helping you conduct research and grow your business. However, we have big plans for the direction we’re heading in and no longer feel that the name KwikSurveys encompasses our goals.

Which is where we introduce Shout.

New name, the same trusted survey tools
A focus on privacy, security, & compliance
Many more new features on the way


What happened to my KwikSurveys account?

Your KwikSurveys account has been seamlessly rebranded as a Shout account. You’ll be able to log in with the same username and password via the Shout homepage.

Can I still create surveys with Shout?

Absolutely! We haven’t removed any tools or features that were available with KwikSurveys. You’ll still be able to create surveys, forms, and quizzes, manage contacts in the CRM, and craft email invitations.

What will happen to my team users?

All Organizations have been kept intact, along with all your team user accounts. The only impact this will have on team accounts and invitations is that Shout has replaced any KwikSurveys branding.

Have I lost any data?

All of your data has been kept safe and will be accessible when you log into your Shout account. This includes all existing surveys, contacts, forms, quizzes and reports.

What new features are on the way?

We’re working on a range of new features, including a calculator for use in surveys, quizzes, and forms, and much more on the way to help ensure you’re compliant with data protection regulations globally.

How can I contact you about my account?

You can reach out by email at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. We’re still the same devoted and hard working team, and we’re always happy to help.