Custom Calculator Builder

Boost lead generation & engagement

Build interactive calculators and embed them on your website in just a few clicks.

No-fuss custom calculator builder

Take code out of the equation

Our calculator builder lets you create simple and complex calculators without writing a single line of code. Focus on your ideas, not on syntax.

Build formulas in just a few clicks

Our user-friendly builder allows you to design intricate formulas quickly. Just select your questions, choose your operators, and calculate your results.

Import your own datasets

Create more complex calculators by switching to our Excel-style spreadsheets, where you can import and reference datasets to build formulas.

Create any type of custom calculator

From basic calculations to complex formulas, Shout has everything you need to create a custom calculator for your website.

Price quote calculator

Tailor quotes to clients’ needs instantly for services, manufacturing, e-commerce, or contracting.

Budget calculator

Make every penny count with budget calculators for personal, business, campaign, or event budgets.

Savings calculator

Plan and visualize your savings goals, whether it’s for a vacation, a new home, or your rainy day fund.

Tax calculator

Improve customer experiences by enabling them to estimate tax on payments with a custom calculator.

Interest calculator

Calculate interest, taking into account the principal amount, interest rate and compounding frequency.

Inflation calculator

Show the future value of an amount in any currency using the current rate of inflation.

Return on investment

Evaluate returns on projects, campaigns, or ventures effortlessly. Make informed decisions and increase profitability.

Custom lifetime value

Forecast customer life time value accurately. Optimize marketing, retention, and growth strategies with precision.

Conversion rate

Measure the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up.

Cost per click

Calculate the cost per click of a PPC campaign and display the final price in real time.

Customer acquisition cost

Determine the average cost to acquire a new customer, helping you assess the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Churn rate

Monitor customer retention by calculating the percentage of customers lost over a specific time period.

Real estate

Mortgage affordability • Rent vs buy
Loan amortization • Property cash flow
Real estate investment • Closing cost

Management & HR

Employee turnover • Project timeline
Salary conversion • Break-even point
Overtime cost • Total compensation


Body mass index • Calorie needs
Pregnancy due date • Heart rate zone
Daily water intake • Medication dosage


Student loan repayment • GPA
Scholarship awards • College savings
Tuition increase • Department budget


Event budget • Seating capacity
Event ROI • Food and beverage cost
Event registration fee • Timeline


Currency converter • Carbon emissions
Travel budget • Timezone converter
Tipping • Foreign tax

Full control over your results

Show results in real-time or on completion

Calculate results as respondents fill out formula fields or wait to show totals until they’ve given you all the information you need, e.g. contact details.

Give results the personal touch

Use Answer Piping to pass text from previous answers, the CRM, Hidden Fields, and other formulae to personalize results for respondents.

Prompt respondents to take action

Add a call to action button to your calculator results or even redirect respondents to a landing page upon completion.

Multi-channel distribution

Maximize lead generation across multiple channels

Website embed

Embed your calculator in line with all your other content with a single piece of code.

Email invitation

Craft bespoke emails and send web calculators directly to your email lists.

Social media

Publish your calculator link in a social media post for X (Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Popups & slideouts

Have your calculator pop up or slide out on a web page at the click of a button.

QR code

Print a unique QR code for your your calculator and place it somewhere with public access.

Share access to your custom calculators with a simple URL link.

Custom Calculator FAQs

Everything you need to know about Shout’s online calculator builder.

Do I need programming skills to create a custom calculator?

No, Shout’s interactive calculator builder is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no programming knowledge at all. We provide an easy-to-use builders where you can input formulas, variables, and design elements without a single line of code.

What kind of interactive calculators can I create?

You can create a wide range of interactive calculators, from basic ones like percentage calculators to more complex ones like financial, health, or industry-specific calculators.

Can I embed custom calculators on my website?

Absolutely! Once you’re done building your own embeddable calculator, we’ll provide a simple line of code for you to paste into your website. Your calculator will then be embedded in an iFrame, which will load quickly, regardless of the device being used.

Do I need to update the embed code when I make changes?

No, you won’t need to touch the embed code if you make edits to your custom calculator in the app. We’ll automatically update your embedded calculator for you, your website visits won’t notice a thing!

What formula operators can I use?

You can use all the mathematical operators you’ll need to build a formula, including:

  • Addition
  • Substraction
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Less-than relation
  • Greater-than relation
  • Square root
  • Concatenation
  • and more!