Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measure satisfaction and increase retention

Increase retention, improve customer experience, and reduce risk in decision making.

Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys To Improve Customer Experience And Increase Retention


Improve Customer Experiences, Build Loyalty, Increase Retention

Collect feedback from your customers to identify your strengths and weaknesses and grow your business as a whole.

Grow your contact list

Capture leads with forms, record consent, group contacts based any criteria, and track the legal basis for processing their data.

Collect consent when adding new customers to our CRM and we’ll record it for you in their contact profile to ensure you’re compliant.

Personalize journeys

Personalize questions and emails with CRM data and create unique journeys through your customer satisfaction survey with question logic.

Full brand control

Add logos, customize designs, use a custom domain and white label surveys and emails to remove all Shout branding.

A/B test surveys

Split test section of text, images, and videos in your survey to determine what performs best with customers.

Identify pain points

Find out where your business can improve its customer experiences using flexible segmentation and crosstab tools in your report.

Transform feedback into revenue

Collect reviews and testimonials

Collect reviews and testimonials for your business from your most satisfied customers and share them with a single click.

Calculate your Net Promoter Score

Drop in our pre-made Net Promoter Score question type and we’ll calculate your NPS as you collect responses.

Upsell on satisfaction

Redirect your happiest customers to product pages and other promotions to turn satisfaction into profit.

Best Reasons To Choose Shout

Creating customer satisfaction surveys and increasing retention has never been easier. Our intuitive tools are loved by millions of users, all over the world.


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Happy Users



Ron Elius

B2B Copywriter – Freelance

“Interactive and really easy to use Software. The builder is seamless, and the question types are perfect. I love the way I can structure surveys in quick and easy way.”

Oana Frant

Consultant – the World Bank

“Shout offers multiple options for customization. Moreover, our projects look perfect on any device. If you want a platform that does most of the work for you, including automatic reporting, go with Shout.”

Measure satisfaction in a way that works for you

Craft beautiful email invitations and monitor performance

Create branded survey invitations with our drag-and-drop email builder, track responses, send reminders, and monitor the performance of campaigns.

Embed surveys and forms on your website

Capture lead information directly into our CRM and collect feedback with surveys customized to match your website design.

Target survey audiences

Find survey respondents all over the world to perform competitor research and conduct brand awareness surveys to improve your products and services.

Collaboration & Compliance

Shout is a cookieless survey tool, and all responses are anonymous by default. Meaning, we process as little data as possible to ensure you’re compliant.

Store and manage contacts, with compliance in mind

Contact groups are assigned a lawful basis for processing contact data and allow you to keep record of why and how that data is processed.

Collaborate as a team, and grow your business together

Invite your colleagues to join your Shout team and collaborate on customer satisfaction surveys and reports in real time.

Pseudonymize data, whilst tracking who’s responded

Separate personal information from response data in your reports to maximize compliance, whilst still being able to track responses.

Start improving customer satisfaction today

Create customer satisfaction surveys to collect feedback from the people who matter most to your business.

Customer Satisfaction FAQs

Everything you need to know about customer satisfaction surveys and how to improve customer relationships and increase revenue.

What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is used to measure how happy customers are with your business, products, services, and other factors that relate to their experience with you.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT) enable you to measure their satisfaction at touchpoints in their journey with a few simple questions. You should ask about specific experiences or interactions they’ve had with your company as close to the event as possible for the most accurate data.,

Why is customer satisfaction important?

A high level of customer satisfaction will ensure high retention and a low churn rate. On top of this, satisfied customers tend to refer others and create more business for you in the process.

By collecting feedback, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service and action changes that increase satisfaction (and therefore return on investment).

When to ask for customer feedback​

It’s important to ask for customer feedback at the right time. For example, you could set an automated survey to be sent a week after a purchase has been made. In doing so, your customer has a chance to test your product and is able to provide constructive feedback.

You should also ask for feedback from customers who leave. This is the best opportunity to learn how to win them back and prevent future losses.

What questions should I ask in customer satisfaction surveys?

You’ll want to address all aspect of your business or at least those that influence the customer journey. Identify what they like most and what’s caused the most friction in their experience so far.

These could include product quality, prices, customer service staff or even access to information. Whatever can be improved to meet the growing needs of your customer.