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Lead generation calculator

Discover how many website visitors and leads you need to generate to reach your desired revenue goals and propel your business growth. Maximize your potential, optimize your efforts, and watch your revenue soar with our lead calculator.

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Lead generation calculator FAQs

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help you meet your lead goals and revenue targets.

How do you calculate lead generation?

Your lead generation rate is calculated by dividing your number of website visitors by the number of leads you generated, then multiplying that by 100.

Lead Generation Rate = (Number of leads generated / Number of website visitors) * 100.

What is the formula for calculating leads?

If you need to calculate how many leads you’ll need to meet your revenue goals, you’ll need to divide your current monthly average customer revenue by your new revenue goal, then multiple that by your lead generation rate.

New Leads Needed = New monthly revenue goal / Average customer revenue monthly) * Lead generation rate

How do you calculate what a lead is worth?

To calculate the value of leads (for your business specifically), you’ll need to take the total revenue you’ve generated from leads and divide this by the number of leads you’ve generated.

Lead Value = Total revenue generated / Number of leads

How do you measure lead generation as a KPI?

There are many KPIs you can track as part of your lead generation campaigns, let’s get into a few of those below:

Number of leads generated: Track how many leads were generated over a specific period of time.

Lead conversion rate: Calculate the total number of leads that were converted into paying customers.
Formula: (Number of conversions / Number of leads) * 100

Cost per lead: Calculate the average cost per individual lead.
Formula: Total cost of lead generation campaign / Number of leads generated

Return on investment: Assess the return on investment for your lead generation campaigns.
Formula: (Net income / Cost of investment) * 100