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Conduct Event Surveys To Collect Feedback Before, During, And After Events


Collect feedback before, during, and after your event

Robust features to encourage compliance and protect employee data whilst collecting actionable feedback.

Manage attendees

Import attendees to our CRM or collect them with forms. Segment contacts to send targeted surveys based on any variable important to your event

Measure event NPS

Ask attendees how likely they are to recommend your event to others with our Net Promoter Score question type.

Benchmark satisfaction

Measure event satisfaction with a recurring survey and use crosstabs to compare results over time.

Streamline with logic

Show questions based on talks attended, menu choices, and anything else you can imagine to personalize your event surveys.

Brand surveys & emails

Add your logo, customize the designs of event surveys and emails, and white label surveys to align with your brand guidelines.

Collect live feedback

Access real time reports to learn what attendees think of your event whilst it’s running, and make changes based on live feedback.

Event planning made easy

Build your guest list

Collect RSVPs, register guests, and connect forms to our CRM to follow up with event feedback surveys by email.

Track responses and send reminders

Enable tracking for email invitations and send reminders to those who haven’t RSVP’d to lock down your guest list.

Identify successful marketing channels

Ask respondents how they found out about your event and connect that data to their contact profiles. Enabling you to segment your CRM to identify the most efficient channel for event marketing.

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Ron Elius

B2B Copywriter – Freelance

“Interactive and really easy to use Software. The builder is seamless, and the question types are perfect. I love the way I can structure surveys in quick and easy way.”

Oana Frant

Consultant – the World Bank

“Shout offers multiple options for customization. Moreover, our projects look perfect on any device. If you want a platform that does most of the work for you, including automatic reporting, go with Shout.”

Improve your next event with actionable data

Segment and compare event feedback

Create segmented views of your results and compare data sets based on CRM data, survey answers, email metrics, and many other variables.

Collect testimonials and reviews

Identify your most satisfied attendees and send targeted surveys to collect reviews and testimonials for your next event marketing campaigns.

Share event feedback with stakeholders

Export your report as a PDF or raw data as spreadsheets. Share access to your digital reports with a simple link, to keep stakeholders up to date on your events.

Compliant event management

Shout is a cookieless survey tool, and all responses are anonymous by default. Enabling you to collect event feedback, whilst protecting privacy.

Connect event forms to contact groups marked for explicit consent, and we’ll collect and record consent to contact profiles in your CRM.

Organize contacts based on lawful basis for processing data

Contact groups are tagged with a lawful basis such as Legitimate Interests, Contract, and Public Task, to enable compliant contact management.

Separate attendee personal information from survey responses

Enable pseudonymization to separate any personal information from question data in your reports.

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Event Surveys FAQs

Everything you need to know about event surveys and how they can help you improve attendee experiences.

What are event surveys?

Event surveys are a great way to gather feedback and data on events. They can be used to help identify any problems that occurred during an event, learn about attendees’ opinions and experiences, and measure how successful an event was. Event surveys can be customized to fit the needs of your organization, and they can be conducted online or in person. Whether you’re planning your next public event or just looking for feedback on past events, consider using an event survey tool to get the information you need.

Why is event feedback important?

Event surveys can help you identify any problems that occurred during an event, learn about participants’ opinions and experiences, and measure how successful an event was. This information can help you improve future events and make sure they’re more enjoyable for everyone involved.

What are the different types of surveys for event management?

There are three types of event surveys you’ll need to be aware of: pre-event surveys, mid-event surveys, and post-event surveys.

What are pre-event surveys?

There are two main functions to pre-event surveys; to plan the details of your event and to learn as much as possible about your invitees. Then you can use this information to set KPIs and ensure the event meets the expectations of your guests.

What are mid-event surveys?

Live feedback is essential to making your event a success. During a break, or between events, ask guests to provide some feedback on the event experience so far.

This allows you to measure satisfaction and address and make any off-the-cuff changes. Avoid sending out a mid-event survey during the lunch break, as you’re likely to get a low response rate. You should give your attendees that time to rest and prepare for the next half of the event.

What are post-event surveys?

Now your event is done, it’s time to highlight its successes and failures with constructive feedback. Get in touch with attendees to find out what they liked, what could use improvement and what didn’t meet their expectations.

This information is used to determine your even ROI, measure attendee satisfaction and inform the planning for your next event.

What are some examples of event survey questions?

Here are some examples of questions for your event surveys:

  • Which talks did you attend?
  • Would you recommend this event to a friend or colleague? (Employee NPS)
  • How would you improve the event?
  • Have you attended this event before?
  • How helpful were event staff?
  • Are you likely to participate in this event in the future?
  • What did you enjoy most about the event?
  • How did you find out about the event?
  • Were you happy with the time you had for questions?
  • Did the event meet your expectations?
  • How satisfied are you with the event overall?