Put your brand front-and-centre with white label surveys

Elevate your design with white label surveys that are seamlessly customised to your brand guidelines.

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Create fully branded surveys

If you regularly ask for feedback from customers or run surveys on behalf clients, you’ll want to be in control of the branding your survey audience is exposed to. White label surveys remove the Shout logo, ensuring you have complete brand control.

Remove Shout branding

Enable white labelling to remove Shout branding and imagery from surveys, quizzes, forms, reports, and emails.

Use a custom domain

Host white label surveys on your own website domain to remove any trace of Shout branding from survey URLS.

Unique URL slugs

Replace the generic code generated for your survey with a customized URL ending, e.g., shout.com/s/your-custom-text.

How to customize your survey design

1. Select a theme

Choose from a range of pre-built standard and seasonal themes for your survey, quiz or form.

2. Change colors, fonts, and imagery

Use the theme editor to change colors and fonts and insert images and videos into your project.

3. Weave in your branding

Create a fully branded experience by adding a logo, removing our branding (white label surveys), using a custom survey link and using a custom domain.

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14-Day Free Trial • No Credit Card Required • Cancel Anytime


Make surveys your own with SHOUT

Personalize exit pages

Customize your exit pages to deliver on-brand messaging to respondents and personalize experiences by piping information from your contact lists in the app.

Embed on your website

Align your survey with your website design and embed it in line with all your other content, ensuring your branding is consistent.

Customize survey reports

Customize background colors and build out your report with headings, sections of text, and advanced filters to provide more context to your results.

Redirect qualified leads

Redirect respondents to a landing page or product page after they hit the submit button and increase your sales conversions.

Duplicate surveys

Have a survey design that works for you? Simply duplicate it in your dashboard and share it with your audience.

Respond on any device

Surveys, quizzes, and forms are responsive across all devices, meaning your audience can respond anywhere, anytime.