Privacy Policy

Overview - Full compliance with GDPR and CPPA

  • Data you supply or collect will only be used to provide the service for you.
  • Your collected survey data and contact lists will never be sold or shared with any other company (other than to provide the service or support.)
  • Any respondent contact details you upload will never be marketed.
  • We take security seriously and use modern techniques like use pseudonymization where possible.
  • Whist we use a few US-based suppliers, our company, its application, database, backups and support are all EU based.


For survey creators and visitors to our main website 

Privacy policy for creators


For survey respondents (also includes respondents to quizzes, forms & polls)

Important: We are only the controller for a very limited amount of data.  Your survey responses are owned and controlled by the creators and you should contact them if you wish to exercise any of your rights.

Privacy policy for respondents