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Shout Audience gives you access to millions of survey respondents from all over the world.

Target specific audiences

Use search criteria to target specific demographic groups, from consumers to industry leaders.

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Each panellist has been profiled and vetted to ensure they’re qualified to contribute to your research.


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Access real time reports

Survey responses are collected in real time, enabling you to start analyzing responses from the word go.

Use our advanced filtering and crosstabulation tools to create different views of your data. These can be saved as separate reports.

Share results with stakeholders

Export your results as a PDF and spreadsheet, or share access to your digital report with a URL link.

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How is the price of respondent panels calculated?

The cost of your survey’s target audience is calculated based on these three factors:

1. Number of responses

The number of respondents you require for your survey panel.

2. Survey length

The number of questions added to your survey determine length.

3. Targeting criteria

The criteria specified to target survey respondents.


Complimentary features for survey panels

Logic and piping

Create custom paths through your surveys to collect relevant data from respondents and increase response rates.

Mobile surveys

Surveys are responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile. Allowing for access anywhere and anytime.

Branding and design

Fully brand your surveys by adding logos, customizing design, white labelling and using custom domains.

A/B testing

Split test images, videos and text to identify what content performs best with survey respondents.

Numeric question types

Collect ages, costs, and other numerical data with our tailor-made numeric question types.

Team collaboration

Invite colleagues to join your Shout team, share the features of your plan, and collaborate on surveys and reports.

Audience Panels FAQs

How much does it cost to buy survey responses?

The cost of survey audiences depends on three factors:

  • How many questions your survey contains (how long it takes to complete your survey on average).
  • How many survey responses you request.
  • What additional targeting criteria you set.

What targeting criteria is included in the cost of responses?

With the standard cost of your audience panel, you’ll be able to target survey respondents based on:

  • Location (Country, State, City).
  • Age.
  • Gender.

Using additional targeting criteria may increase the cost of your audience.

What other variables can I use to target respondents?

Shout offers too many other targeting variables to list here, but here are a few examples:

  • Household (number of children, pets, marital status, etc.)
  • Finance (Personal income, household income, investable assets, etc.)
  • Automotive (Type of car, new or used car, car purchase year, etc.)
  • Business & occupation (Industry sector, company size, primary role in organization, etc.)
  • Travel (Types of holidays, hotels frequented, airlines flown in the past year, etc.)
  • Healthcare consumer (Glasses, someone in household diagnosed, hearing aids, etc.)
  • Electronics (Electronic products, internet connection, early adopter, etc.)
  • Hobbies & interests (Gaming, music preferences, purchased movies, etc.)
  • Education (Major at university/ college, levels of study – university, graduation year, etc.)

How long will it take to collect my responses?

This will depend on the size and specificity of your audience, but typically your responses will be collected within the first couple of days.

In most cases, your responses will be fully collected within a day.