A Compliant SurveyMonkey Alternative

An affordable alternative to SurveyMonkey, with features built in to help ensure you’re compliant with data protection regulations like the GDPR, UK-GDPR, and CCPA.

Compliance is built in with Shout

Collect feedback and grow your contact lists without worrying about whether you’re compliant.

Compliance Groups

Group contacts by your lawful basis for processing their data, such as Legitimate Interests, Consent, and Contract.

Not supported by SurveyMonkey

Add a consent question to contact and lead generation forms that records consent directly to contact profiles in the CRM.

Not supported by SurveyMonkey

Pseudonymize PII

Separate personally identifiable data from response data in survey reports to maximise your compliance.

Not supported by SurveyMonkey

DPO Information

Enter the information of the Data Protection Officer representing your organisation to be used as a single point of contact for your team.

Not supported by SurveyMonkey

Sign a DPA

Request our Data Processing Agreement to be reviewed by your organisation, and we’ll sign a copy for your compliance records.

Not supported by SurveyMonkey

Right to deletion

Remove a contact from the CRM to automatically purge their PII from survey reports (without affecting response data).

Not supported by SurveyMonkey

If you want a platform that does most of the work for you, including automatic reporting, go with Shout.

Oana Frant

Consultant – The World Bank

User-friendly software

Shout is a SurveyMonkey alternative that’s easy to use with support staff that’s ready to help if you ever have a question.

AI question prediction

Paste your questions into our prediction tool and Shout will recommend the best question type for you to use.

Automatic reporting

Professional reports are generated automatically for surveys, quizzes, forms, and email invitation campaigns.

Shout endlessly

Unlike SurveyMonkey, Shout doesn’t place any limits on the number of collectors that can be used per survey.

The same features, without restrictions

Choose survey software that gives you access to the same industry-standard features without unnecessary limitations and rules.


Unlimited responses

With Shout you can collect unlimited responses per survey with all of our annual plans. We don’t cap your responses per survey, per month, or year!

Team users as standard

Shout bundles additional users (seats) into plans without inflating their price. Enabling you to collaborate on surveys and reports without blowing your budget.

Branding and customisation

You can fully customise designs, add logos, and align surveys with your brand guidelines with any of our plans. Host surveys on your own domain without having to subscribe to an Enterprise plan.


Limited responses

The number of survey responses you can collect per month/ year depends on the plan you’re subscribed to. The cheapest available annual plan restricts you to 2500 responses a year.

Cost per user

SurveyMonkey offers team users and collaboration but charges £25 per user per month (and that’s with their cheapest team plan). On top of that, you have to start with at least 3 users.

Design comes with a higher price

Customising your survey design and adding logos will require you to subscribe to SurveyMonkey’s Advantage Annual plan, which costs £384 every year.

Pricing & Plans

Choose Shout as a SurveyMonkey alternative to save up to 84% per year, collect unlimited survey responses, and collaborate with your team for less.

Shout vs SurveyMonkeyShoutSurveyMonkeySavings with Shout
Essentials vs Starter Annual£12.99 /month£22 /monthSave 41% annually
Pro vs Team Advantage£25 /month (3 users included)£25 /month (per user)Save 67% annually (for 3 users)
Business vs Team Premier£59 /month (5 users included)£75 / month (per user)Save 84% annually (for 5 users)

Choose Shout to save up to 84% today

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