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The capital of a country is a city where the central government and all its supreme organs are normally located. There are different types of capitals, hence the fact that some countries have more than one capital.

For example, what the constitution considers as capital is called the Official Capital; the administrative capital is where the offices of the ministries and the state administration are located, and the legislative capital where the parliament is located. Do you know the capitals of the world? Find out in this World Capitals Bing Quiz.

Some countries even have a real capital, a town where the monarchs of that country reside. In this sense, the capitals represent the detachment of each locality that be in economy, population or culture. A good example of this is South Africa, which has three capitals: Pretoria is the administrative capital, In Cape Town the legislative Capital and in Bloemfontein is where the courts reside.

Normally, the official capital represents the economic and cultural center of the country, where most of the population and economic activity are centered. However, this has its exceptions. For example, Bolivia, whose constitutional capital is Sucre, has the most populous city in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Likewise, New York is the most populous city in the United States, but its capital is Washington DC.

By the year 2020 there are 197 countries in the world: 50 in Europe, 35 in America, 48 in Asia, 54 in Africa and 14 in Oceania. If you think you can remember all of their capitals you should take a look at this World Capitals Bing Quiz.

World Capitals Bing Quiz: questions

These are some of the questions that you can find in Bing

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What is the capital of Alaska?

Which of these capitals cities has the smallest population?

Which isn’t a European capital city?

Amsterdam is the capital of _____?


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