Windows Spotlight Quiz

Do you have a Microsoft account? Do you love winning rewards? Well, if your two answers were “yes, I do”, this is for you. Let me introduce you to Windows Spotlight Quiz.

This is part of the new services that Microsoft provides for the Windows 10 operating system. It is very simple to take this quiz. The first thing you should do (if you have not done it yet) is to enable Windows Spotlight. When you have enabled Windows Spotlight, the steps are the followings: Go to the lock screen apps click on “Take the quiz” links. Login or sign in, Microsoft Edge will open automatically and go to the quiz page and that’s it! Enjoy the quiz!

Fun Bing quizzes

Windows Spotlight quiz will not appear every time you log into your PC but instead you will get fun facts about some locations. You will also see the photos, these photos will be different every day and they are taken from the Bing searcher. Pay attention to the screen because sometimes you will get some tricks or useful Windows tips for answering correctly the quizzes. When this happens you get some fun trivia questions about the fun facts or information of the place you saw in the daily photos that Windows Spotlight will show you. The quiz is easy to answer because it only consists of 3 to 5 questions and each question has three choices.

Perhaps you are thinking this is another quiz game but before you take this quiz, let me tell you that this is not just another quiz game. Windows Spotlight Quiz is not just for fun. The difference between this and other quizzes is that in this Microsoft quiz you can earn some points that you will be able to redeem for rewards. There are rewards if you have all answer correct. You could buy gift cards or shop in the Microsoft shop with the points you earn and redeem from this quiz.

You can also donate the points to events or organizations. The best part of Windows Spotlight Quiz (excepting the points you could earn) is that after answering a question you will see the result and the information about the question you answered. As you can see, Windows Spotlight quiz is different from other quizzes because this is a new quiz experience service in which you will earn points, test your knowledge, have fun and learn new things.

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