When was Bing launched?

Web search engines make our life easier. There are many of them. We use them when we want to find some information or even if we want to download something, etcetera.

Well, there are many services that web search engines offer to us. On this occasion, it is time to talk about a special one. The Microsoft search engine, better known as Bing.

All about bing search engine

Bing was created by Microsoft. It provides search services that includes: images, videos, web and map search products. You can find the Bing search engine in many countries as it is available in forty languages. Nowadays is one of the most used search engines but this web search engine did not suddenly appear; there were steps to follow and there were processes to go through. For that reason we have written this brief abstract about the Bing search engine launching history, so you can know a little more about Bing and its origin.

Bing search engine history

The first thing is important to say is that Bing is the last version of other search engines Microsoft have created. In 1998 Microsoft launched its first search engine, this was called MSN Search. This searcher went through a lot of processes until 2005 when the final and upgraded version was launched. On March, 2006, it was launched a beta version of a new search engine by Microsoft which was named as Windows Live Search. On September, 2006, this new Microsoft search engine was finally launched. On March, 2007, Microsoft announced that it would separate its search developments from the Windows Live services.

For that reason the branding was renamed as Live Search and with this rebranding Microsoft developed new features and upgraded some other features. After a couple of years, Microsoft knew that the changes were great but it was necessary to rebrand the search engine. It was time to forget the word Live and to start something new, a new identity. For that reason, on June 3, 2009 Live Search was officially replaced by the name we all know in the present: BING.

Bing is a memorable, short and easy to spell name and as you read in this brief article, the Bing search engine did not come from nothing. It had its process to become the search engine you know in the present and I think it will continue to change over the time. You only have to see its features to know that Bing is not another search engine, Microsoft has really done a good job with it. Perhaps in the future, it will be the search engine number one in the world, that is a possibility

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