What is Bing Quiz Science?

If you have been using Bing for making research and read the news, then you already know about the Bing Quiz. Science Trivia.

This is a relatively new addition to their platform where you can answer different quizzes about every possible subject you can think of. It is a very fun and entertaining way to learn new things and to spend 5 minutes doing something different every time. But do you know how to answer Bing Quiz Science?

As we mentioned, there are different quizzes about different subjects and one of them is science. If you like science or you want to learn more about it, Bing offers you a simple and short quiz about some facts that are general but important. In the end, you will know which the right answer is for every question and you can look up more information about the subject.

Questions of the Bing Quiz Science?

In this quiz you will have different questions. If you want to know a bit more about them, we will leave you here some examples:

Welcome to your Science Quiz

How long does it take for the caffeine in coffee to fully kick in?
What is it called once the light changes direction after leaving a lens?
Do you know which part of our brain that deals with hearing and language?
Once you leave the wine exposed to the air, the ethanol in it reacts with oxygen to form what?
Which of these is another way to write Newton’s second law of motion?

A reward for every right answer…

If you didn’t know already, if you are a Microsoft member, you can log in into your account and for every right answer in the quizzes, you get some points. In the end, if you have many points, you can exchange them for prizes like gift cards.


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