Quizzes for Teens: General Knowledge

Quizzes are a good method to learn a lot in a fun and short way, especially when the quiz is very educational and it helps with your education. If you are on your teen’s years or you have a kid on those years, you should definitely take a look at the quizzes for teens: general knowledge we show you here, because they cover a lot of subjects and they are very simple to answer. For Teens Trivia.

Take a look at these quizzes and make sure that you challenge your knowledge with them. They have different questions and it is a good activity to share with your family.

Quizzes for teens: questions and answers

As we mentioned, in these quizzes are different questions from different subjects. It is divided on categories, so take a look:

Welcome to your Teens Quizzes

Veinte is Spanish for which number?
What nationality was Albert Einstein?
What year did Disneyland Paris open?
Which actor played Batman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?
Which male actor played God in the movie Bruce Almighty?
Where is the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop celebrated?
True or False: John Dory is a type of potato?
In which country was tea first grown?
What ‘M’ is a popular coconut flavoured Caribbean rum?

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