Quizzes for Kids: General Knowledge

Toddlers learn so many things every day. In this period of their lives they need to interact with their world to learn everything around them and insert themselves into society perfectly. Part of this process is done in school, where they can learn general things about the world. But, what if you could give them a quiz to test their knowledge? Now you can do it with the next Quizzes for kids: general knowledge edition. Kids Trivia.


With this quiz you will find out if your kids are ready to go to school and have all the information. It is a fun, short and educative activity to do with all the family. So, take a look at all the questions and answers!

Quizzes for kids: questions and answers

These quizzes are divided by categories, so take a look at each one:

Kids Animal Quizzes

Welcome to your More Kid Quiz

Do anteaters have teeth?
Do all bees make honey?
What type of animal is a chow?
How many arms does a squid have?
True or false: A baby bat is known as a pup?
What is the missing number:? – 96 = 35?
15.08 x 100 =?
4800 ÷ 20 =?
Which country won the World Cup in 2018?

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