Popular now on Bing

Popular now on Bing. Bing is one of the most complete search engines in the world. It has many features and services that are useful for us. On this occasion this article is about a specific feature that Bing has on its homepage. This feature is the popular now section.

Popular now on Bing

This feature was added to Bing by Microsoft. At the beginning it was just available in the Us, Uk Germany and France but nowadays is available in more countries.

The popular now section shows the daily news trends. These news trends appear on your homepage depending on the country you are. This section is found at the bottom of the Bing homepage. You will see some small pictures with the titles of the news, you only have to click on the topic you are interested and you will be directed to the page where the news is found.

The news trends that appear on the popular now section are monitored every day by the Bing’s editorial team. This Bing’s editorial team collects the news from various media to bring it to you into your Bing homepage.

If you are wondering about how you could enable this feature, well, the true is that this “popular now” section appears automatically every time you enter the Bing homepage. So, you do not have to worry about enable it.

There is no button for disable this feature but if you feel uncomfortable and you do not like to see this section, then you can minimize it. For minimizing the popular now section you have to click the arrow down symbol and that’s it. As easy as you read it. Once you minimize this section it will stay minimized even if you close the browser.

If you want to maximize the popular now section again, you have to click the arrow up symbol at the bottom of the page (where is the popular now section found).

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