Download Among us for PC; is the multiplayer game that came to succeed in the remainder of; its highly addictive theme puts 10 crew members to search among them for the impostor.

The game was designed for Android phones and at the moment we do not have direct access to download it on Windows. But we can use a method widely used by the gaming community

Among Us for PC Download

Download Among us for pc For this we must use a program that allows us to download any apk and roll it onto our pc. These programs are called Android emulators for PC and there are many. Depending on how much capacity your computer has, you can choose an emulator for you.

I recommend using in most cases a very good one called Bluestack, this emulator is one of the heaviest, yes. But it is up to date enough to know that with it we can play Among Us and almost any game that we propose.

Downloading the Bluestack program is very simple, we only have to access the page of its official site and we can obtain it for free. You can go to the link that we will leave you to download. Once downloaded we have two options; download it directly in the bluestack using the playstore or downloading the apk.

In fact, the good thing Among Us will be the first thing that at this time is going to tell you to download Bluestack so you will have no problem downloading it. The program offers us game controls adapted solely to play Among Us. And it has a very good reaction whether you are a crew member or an impostor.

How to play Among Us on PC?

The game that we will download is the same. But we know that a touch phone is not the same as a computer; that means that we will not have the common options of moving our avatar with our finger. But we will have our keyboard that we can customize as we wish; we can use the arrow keys to move the player.

For lefties we will have the asdw buttons on our keyboard to improve the movement of our avatar in correlation to using the left hand. We will also have the option to delete or use the window by simply pressing the button that we choose

As soon as we download the application, it will tell us how we want our controls to be and from there we choose which key suits us all. In the case of rights, it is advisable to use the letter z and the letter m or ñ for lefties.

Tips to Play Among Us for Pc

Use controls that are easy to get to; if you use difficult access keys it will be more difficult to win especially if you are the impostor. And play as always being quick to do the tasks as quickly as possible and be attentive to the conversations to make yours in case you are an impostor or a crew member. Some of the tasks where it is necessary to touch part of the screen you will have to use your mouse so you should keep it close as well.