Bing Citizenship Day Quiz

Do you ever wonder if you could pass the citizenship test? Do you want to know how the process and that day is? Well, now you can take the Bing Citizenship Day Quiz on the Bing platform and find out how this goes. In this quiz you will get questions about the process, the test and question itself and so much more. It is a good, fun and short way to learn something new about this important day. Citizenship Day Trivia.

Welcome to your Citizen Day Quiz

How many amendments does the Constitution have?

Which of these is something Benjamin Franklin is known for?

Who was President during World War I?

Which statement correctly describes the “rule of law”?

Under the Constitution, which of these powers does not belong to the federal government?

This quiz is composed with different questions about the subject, as we mentioned before. Each question has around 3 possible answers, so take your time and think through all the question so you can answer correctly. At the end of it, you can see which of the questions you got right or wrong, and if you want to know more, you just have to click on the questions to get more information.

Bing Citizenship Day Quiz

How to take the Bing Citizenship Day Quiz?

This quiz is pretty simple to take. Go to the Bing page, and then look for the Bing Fun section. In here you will see the Quiz option, and then you can look for this quiz exactly. Once you click on it, you can start with the questions.

If you are playing for the points, remember that just by taking the quiz you can get more points. But if you want to learn more and go along with it, try to answer correctly and make your research. More correct answers can get you a bonus.

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