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Nature is amazing and all the things we can find in it are very impressive. One of the most incredible things is volcanoes. These incredible formations of rock that are filled with lava, being active all the time or inactive, are just one way of the world to show its power. Volcanoes Trivia.

If you are interested in volcanoes, you should definitely take the Bing Volcanoes Quiz where you will find random facts about it and you can learn a lot about them.

Bing is implementing different quizzes and you can win points by completing them. It is very fun, short and educative, and if you collect a lot of points you can exchange them for rewards. So, to make all the points, you can take a look at the questions and possible answers we will show you next, so you can make your research and be prepared to take this quiz!

Bing Volcanoes Quiz: questions

As we mentioned, in this quiz you will find different facts about volcanoes and you can learn a lot from it. If you are interested in these incredible rock formations, take a look at these questions:

Welcome to your Volcanoes

Is it true that all hotspots rise up beneath oceanic plates?

What tools do helps scientists detect small changes in the shape of volcano?

Where do most volcanoes on Earth happen?

How is the volcano named Mount Rainier in Washington state classified?

How does seismic data help scientists predict volcanic eruptions?

The quiz in some websites can also appear in the form of fill in the blank as examples below.

  • The most explosive eruptions come from: stratovolcanoes?
  • The magma in these volcanoes is… in silica, making the lava sticky, or viscous?
  • Gas bubbles are… able to escape from sticky viscous magma; increasing pressure in the magma chamber?

If you know a lot about volcanoes or you want to learn a lot of them, you can take this quiz right now and get more knowledge on them and everything they do. It is a short quiz but very educative, so everybody can take it to learn more.


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