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We all have watched the classic show Sesame Street. This is an iconic show that has years on air and even our kids now can enjoy the same show in different versions, because there is always a remastered version out. If you love the whole franchise, you can take the Bing Sesame Street Quiz right now on the Bing platform and put out to test your knowledge about it. Sesame Street Trivia.

Sesame Street is a very popular show in different countries and probably millions of people know about it. You can take this quiz if you are a big fan or if you want to learn even more about it. It is a short, simple, fun and entertaining quiz that can give you information and fun facts about the show that you wouldn’t ever know.

How to take the Bing Sesame Street Quiz?

Welcome to your Sesame Quiz

Almost all the Muppets are very sweet, and most can be described as "cute". However, there is only one way to complete a certain classic phrase: "lovable, furry, old ________"
Which ancient art of healing involves the insertion of needles at various points, believed to be where qi (vital energy) flows?
Which of these "Sesame Street" characters was a science teacher?
In Ernie's song 'La La La', he sings about lovely things starting with the letter L. He encourages Bert to join in, but Bert has different ideas about lovely L things. Which of the following does Bert NOT sing about?
Speaking of running jokes, a famous one was on Big Bird himself. He had a strange friend, like no one else on Sesame Street, whom he called Mr. Snuffleupagus. (Oddly enough, THAT name gave Big Bird no trouble at all!) What problem did this character cause him for a number of years?

As we mentioned, this show is pretty popular around the world. So, this quiz takes information about the show itself, the story of it, their characters and so much more. It is a fun way to learn more things about it and also confirm how much you know about the show already. To take it, you just have to go to the Bing page and look for the Bing Fun sections.

Once you are here, you can go to the Quiz sections and search for the Bing Sesame Street Quiz. Click on it and start the quiz. Each questions has around 3 possible answers, so think through every one of them.

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