Bing Pirate Quiz

Pirates are probably of the most interesting characters in world´s history, due to their adventures and singular behavior.

From the famous Black Beard to the more modern Pirates of the Caribbean´s Jack Sparrow, pirates is a very fun topic for a trivia to take and the Bing pirate quiz is perfect for that.

The Bing pirate quiz is the ideal trivia for those who want to test their knowledge about pirates and know more about such fun characters of the entire history.

By answering questions, you will be able to obtain new and interesting facts about pirates, their activities in the sea and many actions they carried out that remain as historical events.

Bing Pirate Quiz


Take the Bing pirate quiz and answer up to seven different questions in every trivia. First, read the question and the four possible choices available, since only one of them is actually correct.

If you want to earn Microsoft points and redeem them, make sure to complete the trivia as soon as possible.

Have countless hours of true fun by taking the Microsoft´s Bing quizzes. Access and select any category by clicking on “homepage quiz” or if you are into games and puzzles, you can take advantage of a great selection as well.

Welcome to your Pirate Quiz

What was a selkie?
How large was the Kraken?
Who started the myth of the "black spot"?
What kind of gull was said to be sent from the Mother-of-God?
It was bad luck to set sail on what day of the week?
Where was the only reported case of buried treasure hidden?
Which pirate was most often made out to be "larger than life" or more than he truly was?
Hair and nails were thought to be offering to what goddesses?

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