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Bing Language Quiz. Learning languages is a lot easier when the process is carried out by playing, since we can study and speak Spanish, French, Italian, German and other languages and taking a Bing Language quiz is the best way to do it!

Take your Bing Language quiz accessing the Microsoft´s Bing quiz homepage and then answer different questions about a specific language of the world, respecting grammar, vocabulary, syntax, semantic, idiomatic expressions and more. By playing and completing the quiz, you will be learning without even notice it that is always the best way of learning, particularly a language

Bing Language Quiz Trivia

Take the Bing Language Quiz

Take the quiz and challenge yourself respecting knowledge about different languages. And not only that, since by taking these quizzes the user will be earning Microsoft Reward points, as part of the commitment and engagement program designed by the company, in which such points can be redeemed for great benefits and discounts in many places and websites.

Welcome to your Languaje Quiz

About how many languages are there in the world?
What language has the most speakers, including both native and non-native?
What language has the most native speakers?
Which of these factors can contribute to whether something is considered a language or a dialect?
Which of these languages uses the Latin alphabet?
Where do historians believe the earliest writing comes from?
Which formerly "dead" language was successfully revived to become a popular living language?

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