Bing Jigsaw Puzzles

Bing Jigsaw Puzzles. Microsoft´s Bing offers a great entertainment platform where you can find trivia, as quizzes that are very fun to answer and including many categories.

However, the portal also provides games and the Bing homepage quiz jigsaw puzzles. In this way, users can have countless hours of free entertaining by answering questions, putting puzzles together and competing by playing the games.

Bing homepage quiz jigsaw puzzles

When you access the Bing Fun platform, the homepage shows puzzles or a jigsaw to solve, and it changes every day. Therefore, just by entering the webpage you have a free and easy to access puzzle game to have fun with, while you choose a quiz or a specific title to play out of the many options available.

Put the puzzle image together in the Bing Fun homepage and have a great time easily and quick. Solve the puzzle in the less time possible and another will appear.

Would you like to know how to access the Bing homepage? Just visit and then you will be able to click the image quiz in the homepage. Now that you are there, you can start picking any quiz, trivia o game you want to play. Each day different options are added. Enjoy!

Welcome to your Bing Jigsaw Puzzles

It is generally agreed that the first jigsaw puzzle was produced around 1760 by John Spilsbury of London. What was his occupation?
Up until about 1880, jigsaw puzzles were known as... ?
Puzzles for adults emerged around 1900. Did they have a guide picture on the box, like children's puzzles did ? Yes or No....
The autumn of 1932 brought a novel concept, the weekly jigsaw puzzle. The die-cut 'Jig of the Week' retailed for 25 cents and appeared on the news stands on which day of the week?
Jigsaw puzzles can now be done online with a computer...True or False?

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