Bing Halloween Quiz – Questions and Answers

Every year we have a special day where we can wear costumes and have fun, and of course, we are talking about Halloween. On this day we go out and have a lot of fun doing trick or treating, taking our kids or siblings and dress up. But do you know more about Halloween? Now Bing is offering the Bing Halloween Quiz where you can learn a lot more about this amazing day. Halloween Trivia.

Bing is offering different types of quizzes on the platform, and to find them you can search for them or you can just go to the Bing Fun sections where you can see all the quizzes available. If you have interest in the Halloween quiz, you can take a look at the questions and answers on this post. If you want to make more points, make sure to answer just like we show you here.

Bing Halloween Quiz questions and answers

Welcome to your Halloween Quiz

Do pumpkins grow in the ground, on vines, or on trees?
And what is the name of the killer in that movie?


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