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You are parents and you have some concerns about your children ́s education, maybe your kids don ́t have enough motivation to take their notebooks and dedicate themselves to learning, what a teacher has taught to your kids. Childrens Trivia.

You know very well that a kid may see a classroom like a place full of boring, where some man or woman is talking for hours while write hundred of stuffs in a blackboard, while your kids are waiting for the beloved bell sound to make them free, you know very well your children needs motivation in order to learn, back from the school with a smile, and wishes of gain new knowledge.

Why don ́t try to see education like a game? 

It appears that this quiz is not set up correctly

Yes, education it’s not a play, but you knows when a kid wants to go to school, is looking for meets with their friends to play and have fun. Nowadays, some people give their children a simple way to get the motivation to take a notebook: Playing with quizzes. Try to make some quizzes about general knowledge.

This is the trick: 
You have to drop some questions or quizzes with the content taught in classes so that they themselves can investigate. 


Welcome to your General Knowledge Quiz

Who is the most famous plumber of video games?
What kind of animal is Sonic?
What sport does Ken Masters practice in the Street Fighter series?
How many legs have spiders?
What is a vertebrate?
What is the only mammal that can fly?

From now you’ll see difference in your children’s school performance. Go now and make some quizzes! 


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