Bing Garden Quiz: Test your Knowledge about Plans

Bing Garden Quiz. Gardening is a passion for many people, since living in the green is something that is healthy and brings joy. However, when it comes to knowledge, talking about gardening and plants can be quite challenging, with plenty of species with different characteristics, form, and color and with different quality. This is perfect for the quiz, such as the Bing Garden quiz.

Learn more about the green life and have a good time answering this quiz available at Microsoft´s quiz homepage, with hard questions about this topic and at the same time face a real challenge to your knowledge, in case you are an enthusiast gardener.

Bing Garden Quiz

Bing Garden Quiz Test your Knowledge about Plans

Another good news is that by completing the garden quiz, the user will be able to earn points that can be used to get benefit and discounts, belonging to the Microsoft Reward program. Get to enjoy several quizzes about this topic and more, learning and having fun simultaneously.

Welcome to your Garden Quiz

There's a myth that goes "3 hornet stings can kill a human, 7 can kill a horse". How true is it?
How many varieties of apples are there?
What are edible dormice?
Do all nettles sting?
What colour is a slug's blood?

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