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If we talk about one of the most popular sport events, we definitely need to mention Formula One. This is the highest class of auto racing and it is the favorite among people. Formula One Trivia.

If you like this event and you know a lot about it, then you should take the Bing Formula One Quiz right now! This is a very simple, short, fun and educative test that will give you a lot of information and insights about this event.

You can find this quiz in the main page of Bing, especially in the Bing Fun section where you will be able to find this quiz and others. It is pretty simple, you just have to select the answer you think is right and then the platform will show you the correct answers and it will give you more information about the questions so you can research about it.

Take a look at this post because we will show you the questions on this quiz, so if you play for the points, you can research previously with this questions.

Bing Formula One Quiz: questions

Welcome to your Bing Formula One Quiz

Which team has been around since the Formula One world championship started in 1950?

Which circuit nearly claimed the life of Ferrari driver named Niki Lauda in 1976?

Which Formula One season saw the first victory of the rear engined car?

Who became the last Italina Formula One champion in 1953?

Who is the first ever posthumous Formula One champion in 1970?

What is the Formula One car designed by Derek Gardner in 1976?

Which circuit did Michael Schumacher win on from 16th on the grid in 1995?

Who won the most Monaco Grand Prixs?

Who finished second for Wolf Racing to the Ferrari of Niki Laudra in the driver’s championship of 1977?

Which English driver made his Formula One debut for Williams BMW in 2000?

Which of these following drivers has not been a teammate of British driver named Jenson Button?

What is the name of the driver that chose number 13 when personal numbers were brought in for the 2014 season?

Who was the last William driver to win Spanish Grand Prix before Pastor Maldonado?


  1. David Stephen Wood
  2. Julian West
  3. Laszlo Kozma

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