Bing College Basketball Quiz

Bing College Basketball Quiz. The majority of the stars you see playing in great teams in the NBA came from college teams, as divisions that have their own excitement and game level. If you consider yourself and expert in the field, taking the Bing College Basketball quiz is perfect.

Find different facts about college basketball in its entire history: players, games, plays, tournament winners and more. Or, put to the test the knowledge you have on this division and have fun competing with yourself.

Bing Trivia College Basketball Quiz

Bing College Basketball Quiz

Taking the quiz is very simple. Answer the amount of seven different questions about the category, and while the timer is ticking on top of the screen you choose the correct answer off of four available options. Finish quick and with as many correct answers as possible to earn points of reward.

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Welcome to your Bing College Basketball Quiz

Which charter member of the Atlantic Coast Conference won the very first ACC Tournament in 1954?
Which team won the first National Invitational Tournament in 1938?
Right now, I am watching a college basketball game in the state of New Jersey. I am in the gymnasium where this team plays, called the Louis Brown Athletic Center. Which Division I team am I watching?
Which USC standout was the first woman to win consecutive final four MVP honors?
Which of these players scored the most points at Wake Forest university?
In which city/town is the University of Maryland located?
Which team was not a member of the Big 10?
In what year did Pops play his last game?
The 1957 ACC Tournament was part of an amazing season for the North Carolina Tar Heels. En route to the national championship, which team did the Heels NOT face when they played in that year's ACC Tournament?

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