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Movies are a great entertainment and most people love to watch them. If you are a big fan of movies and you like to chill a while to watch a bunch of them, then you should take the Bing Cine Quiz. Cine Trivia.

Cine is the Spanish word for movie or films, so on this quiz you will have a lot of questions about popular movies that all fans should have watched. If you consider yourself a big fan, then this is the right quiz for you.

If you already use Bing, then you probably know that you can take different quizzes now on the platform. You can check the Bing Fun sections and find all the quizzes you want. This specific quiz is on that section, or you can just search it through the search bar. Once you find it, you can take the quiz and start earning all the points with it.

Welcome to your Cine Quiz

What are the dying words of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane?

Who played Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate?

In The Matrix, does Neo take the blue pill or the red pill?

For what movie did Tom Hanks score his first Academy Award nomination?

The head of what kind of animal is front-and-center in an infamous scene from The Godfather?

What is the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time?

So, if you want to make all the points with this quiz to exchange them for prizes, you just need to take the quiz and put a test your knowledge on different popular movies! But exactly, how is the quiz and how can you play?

How to take the Bing Cine Quiz?

The first thing you need to do is to login on your account. If you don’t have any, sign up to start your account. Once you are in, you need to look for the Bing Fun section, or just search on the search bar for the Bing Cine Quiz. Once you find it, click on it and you will see the main page to take the quiz.

The quiz has several questions about different movies. All of the movies are very popular ones and classic, like Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Dracula, and many others. And each question has three possible answers, and you need to choose just one. If you get it right, you will see the answer on green, if it is bad, you will see it red. Once you finish your quiz, you will see your score and how many questions you got right.

Also, at the end you can search more about that specific movie and learn more about it. It is a great way to learn more about movies, especially the ones that are really popular. With this quiz you will be able to test your knowledge and prove everyone that you are truly a big fan of movies.

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