Bing Award (Film) Quiz

Bing is a page where you can do a lot of fun quizzes, Trivia and polls, about the most important events that have happened lately, the trivia question specifically will be related to an image that will appear if you click on the icon of the graduation cap, there you will have three options, select the one you think is correct, but today will focus on the Bing Award Quiz

Bing Award Quiz
Bing Award Quiz

The Bing Award Quiz

There is one activity that has a lot of people interested in doing Bing quizzes, this is because, besides learning a lot about different topics like culture, education, sports, among other, they also get the opportunity to win an award from Bing, and sometimes this is the main reason why Bing users join these quizzes.

For example, there is a testimony from a user who says, that almost every day he checks out Bing Homepage, one reason is because of all the wonderful updates on news and new information about different topics, secondly and mainly, because he is interested in collecting points so he can get gift cards from Amazon, although it is not too much, he assures that at least he can get $5 gift cards every month, just by answering fun and short quizzes on Bing.

Train your mind with polls

Definitely, the award quizzes can get you more than that, it all depends on your skill to seek the news and visit Bing every day, so that you can assure a great experience to win and learn, on the other hand, if you are not so interested in Bing award quizzes, you can also try the polls, which can help you gain knowledge and weight you on the newest topics and news.

After the latest surveys, all these activities have made Bing users grow in number because there so many people that have engaged on the quizzes and the polls.

Welcome to your Bing Award (Films) Quiz

Who won consecutive best actor Oscars for Captains Courageous (1937) and Boys Town (1938)?
Who is the only Oscar winner named Oscar?
Which 1927 film was the first-ever best picture winner?
In 2003 Meryl Streep became the most-nominated performer in Oscar history. Who held the record before her?
The 2000 film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon won four Academy Awards, including best foreign-language film. In what language was it filmed?
In 1984 Linda Hunt won the best supporting actress Oscar for her performance as a male character in which film?
Which of these is not a former Oscar category?
Marlon Brando famously refused his best actor Oscar for The Godfather (1972) in protest. What was he protesting?

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