Are you a quiz person? Do you love getting random facts and information? There are a lot of people that love quizzes.

Actually, in 2015 the most shared content on Facebook was quizzes and polls. These activities can be fun, educational, interesting and entertaining, so of course a lot of people love it. Since they are very popular nowadays, the browser Bing decided to offer different quizzes on the platform, and one of those is Bing Homepage Quiz.

Bing Homepage Quiz
Bing Homepage Quiz

Now when you go to the main page on Bing, you can participate on a quiz. But what type of quiz? Well, Bing is trying to provide different topics, so you can get a little bit of knowledge of everything. They are very short and then you can research about that subject a lot more. It is a simple way to learn something new, quickly and every time you go to the homepage, you will find a new one.

Where can I take the Bing Homepage Quiz?

If you would like to do these quizzes when you go use Bing, the first thing you need to do is to go to the main page of Bing. You can do this by typing into your search bar and then wait a few seconds until the page is loaded. Now that you are in the main page, you need to tap on the scholastic cap. This will show you the quiz, it is hidden because not everyone wants to participate on this.

Now that you can look at the question, you can see what the topic is and see the options you have to answer. Always is a short question with three answers, and you just choose one, hopefully the right one. Tap on your answer and then you will see if your choice was right or not. Either way, after this, you can research about this topic and learn more about it.

As you can see, it is a simple process and it is really fun and quick. The platform is implementing these quizzes and polls to keep more engagement with the users. If you like this type of content, you will love to take a short quiz before using the browser, and everything you go there, you will get the Bing Homepage Quiz.

What to do if you don’t see the Quiz?

Since this is a new feature that the company is implementing, not everybody have direct access to the quiz. But don’t worry, this is not something difficult to fix. If you go to the main page and you cannot see the quiz, it is probably because your page is in another language.

As you probably know, Bing is used everywhere around the world. The quiz are showing up in the English main page, so if you open the homepage and you don’t see the quiz, try changing the language. The page will reload and then you will see the scholastic cap icon. Tap in there and you will be able to see the quiz.

This is an easy solution for people who cannot see the quiz. After you change your language, the page will give you access, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Bing is creating new quizzes all the time and you can find other quizzes around the platform. Also, they are implementing polls too to see the opinion of the users around important subjects and relevant topics. To participate on those, you just need to keep checking the Bing main page and every day or week, you will find new, fun and entertaining quizzes or polls for you.